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    When Sponsorship isn’t worth it anymore?

    What happened to the days when a competition was meant to assist in advancing a person’s chances at success? The days when winning or being a runner up meant that you got noticed by the right people and got a chance to break into an industry.

    The competitions have gone downhill lately, at least for some areas.

    Last Wednesday was the Seamless in Seattle Fashion Design competition final show. A critique board was created and winners were decided on this oh so special event that gives designers a chance to be noticed and get their line out there for the public eye. Or so we think?

    Upon round two of judging there were 12 finalists chosen among the contestants and during their interview they were given their insta-challenge to make and bring to the final runway.

    What was this oh so awesome challenge, you ask?

    Though I loath to give the sponsor more advertising within my blog I will submit to tell you that it was for the designers to incorporate at least 20 Vitamin Water Labels into well anything they design. Now I accept that sponsors play a big role in funding these events and competitions but all the sponsor did was give the designers twenty labels and basically said, “GO Forth Designer minions and I will give you a label of where to find water but I provide no support!” And in that statement I’m really saying that if you are going to sponsor a design event and tell someone to basically make a walking billboard for your marketing scheme then at least provide the designers with some sort of compensation like the following:

    Fabric for their design (or at least some petty cash to get it)

    A thank you free Vitamin Water for their participation

    Some credit for their designs on their marketing

    Yes these three simple things which don’t cost them much would be helpful. During their sponsorship for Seamless in Seattle, yes I am thankful that they made the competition a reality, but the least they could do is give some credit where credit is due. Vitamin Water asked that the designers in the competition sign over all rights to their design over to Vitamin Water without any compensation and without any credit to their work. So they can use it in their marketing without actually mentioning the designer of the outfit at all.

    So what is the point of the design challenge if you don’t get recognition?

    Maybe, hopefully, Vitamin Water will read this and see the error of their ways.


    (Vitamin Water representative hurries off to the board to have a discussion about including the designer’s names with their work, “I see the error of our ways! We must repent and give credit to these fantabulous people!”)

    Then to top it all off the critique panel of judges only commented on the Vita-Water Challenge piece and nothing about the other design pieces. When Seamless in Seattle first started out they had critiques on what they liked and what can improve. Not to mention the designers would mention 5 stores they would like to be sold in and if they won the competition their pieces would be sold in those stores for about a month. This particular feature is not as prominent as in previous years.

    Now to the point of my blog is that I believe these peeps deserve some recognition for their awesomeness!

    Take a look at the finalists stuff and Hurray for the Evening Dress Design winner Kathy Sabin-Mensah of Kreati Ka

    Some of her work pictured below.

    NYFA fashion show 2011NewYorkFashionAcademy runway show 2011NYFA fashion show 2011



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