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    The Little Black Book of Style goes through the wardrobes must haves to the inspiration in achieving your closet items. Aside from the normal list of clothing essentials the book also includes a list of inspirations for your clothing from music, movies, and travel.

    But as in every style know how there is the dreaded advise to purge your current closet of your fashion horrors.

    Throw out those two sizes too small jeans.

    Those bottoms that give and accentuate the muffin top should be the first to go. Always buy your clothing to fit not to cinch.

    Those clothes you’ve been keeping since junior high, if you can’t bear to lose them box them up and toss them in the garage. That goes for any of the clothing you don’t wear but won’t trash because of your attached memories or attached feelings of wasting money.

    Once you’ve done your wardrobe purging then it’s on to re-establishing your style. Nina’s book isn’t about forcing her own style on you but for you do discover your own style and run with it. Go a little wild and dramatic as she might say. She provides a list of various movies, music, travel destinations, and fashion by the decade to assist you in your self-discovery of finding your own muse.

    In your search for your perfect wardrobe there are the timeless classics that should be in every closet: I have made some choices that can potentially be used in one’s wardrobe for these top 10.

    1)      Little black dress- Ann Taylor Knit Jersey Dress

    2)      Trench coat– Ann Taylor Perfect Trench

    3)      Boyfriend shirt (classic white men’s shirt) But you dont have to always go white, patterned is a must too. Victoria’s Secret Fitted Boyfriend shirt

    4)      Cashmere sweater / cardigan- Blooming Dales cashmere cardigan available in pink, black & red.

    5)      Denim- an American essential – Levi Bold Curve Skinny Jean

    6)      Ballet flats– Blooming Dales Steve Madden glitter flats

    7)      Men’s watch– Macy’s Guess Men’s watch

    8)      Diamonds – can be fake crystals are a great substitute

    Ann Taylor double strand Swarovski Crystal necklace

    9)      Classic pump– Nordstrom’s Enzo Angiolini Pump

    10)   A great bag – Purse Boutique Silver Recylcled Rebagz Satchle Purse

    Add some texture or color to your purse, have fun with it.

    What a really like about her list is that she explains why and a brief history of the items and how they are timeless. Not to mention the visual appeal of the book with all of the illustrations by Ruben Toledo.

    But the must have of reading this book is the end of the book with the style advise from some well-known designers. This is set in the style of questions and answers from tips to accessorizing, blending styles, to buying vintage and more.

    Nina Garcia’s book Little Black Book of Style was easy to read and contains great advise for any style a woman chooses to wear. Now if only I could find a book like this but for men’s attire?

    Nina, are you going to make a Little Black Book on Men’s styling?

    Who knows, Sorry guys, looks like you just have to use the inspiration guide Nina provides in her book but look at the men as your fashion role models. I say go for the Gary Cooper and Fred Astaire look.

    ~Glitter Lady sewing off


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