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    Tim Gunn’s Golden Rules

    I would place this book in the self-help inspirational/ memoir category as it relays stories from Tim’s life in first person speaking directly to the book reader, breaking the fourth wall, quite often to address one’s inner self.

    Most of the stories told, about his life, are in assistance to showing many unfavorable ways to be viewed which can all be avoided by “taking the high road” and in general having kindness towards others. One of my favorite stories, and I am sure I speak for more than just myself, is when he tells how Project Runway all got started and why Parsons the New School of Design was used for the set. My other favorite is when he relays his version of the story about a fashion editor that literally had people carrying her from an event. But these stories and more will just have to be read by your own eyes in Tim Gunn’s Golden Rules. Some stories will have you laughing, some will give you a deeper understanding of the man behind the style, and others will give you hope to change or continue the path of kindness you are on.

    Kindness towards others goes a long way to opening all sorts of doors and according to Tim sometimes we have to climb outside of our personal bubble to realize how our actions effect more than just ourselves.

    As you read the book it’s as if Tim and you are sitting at a small bistro sipping on a beverage talking gossip and life’s lessons.

    One of those lessons I will still think about is that some people, unknown to me, will buy the most hideous fashion no-nos. Beware of the Crocks and socks people let alone please do not combine this already social suicide with jean overalls.

    ~Glitter Lady sewing off

    PS: My mission to read and review fashion books is still underway. Still waiting for my sewing technique books to come in the mail. Stay sewn in for more book reviews on fashion as well as updates on my fashion journey.


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