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    I know the season is about giving and gifting but what better way to get in the mood for others by giving a little something back to yourself. Face it, how often do you do something for you? Take some time and then you’ll realize the genius in getting a little pick me up for yourself.

    The last time I went shopping, truly shopping for key wardrobe essentials was when I was in highschool and my parents gave me a stipend for back to school.

    But then college comes and you must fend for yourself and the years go by when you are still wearing those jeans, that shirt, and homecoming dress from junior high that still looks oh so hip for when you had no hips.

    I have a big crush on Nordstrom, so this is where I decided to get a little spice into my closet.

    Purple is an upcoming color that I predict will be a common place color for spring but for us normal people who don’t live on the 3 month ahead schedule that fashion designers live on, it’s still fall and winter for us.

    So to buy a peice that stays true to the upcoming season but still fits in with the current one, I find a peacock blue is perfect. It’s tame enough for the cold months but the color is still vibrant enough for the spring.

    My choice for this is a sweater dress from Nordstrom by Frenchi

    Picture courtesty of Norstrom.

     $49.00 on sale

    Unfortunately due to all of the Black Friday shopping this product is almost out of stock but its also available in Black still which is still just as stylish.I did go searching around to see if there was a good substitute for this particular one, I couldnt find an exact, but there is a purple knit sweater dress that is quite cute on it’s own and still quite wearable in Spring because of its color but might not work so well for summer due to the knit warmth.

    $42.99 , so it is around the same price range and the added bonus of the knit design makes it look almost lacy, which lace and detail are great adds to any clothing collection.

    Crochet and knits are great fall/winter alternatives to lace which depending on where you live can be a good thing due to weather.

    Speaking of lace in a nice blue/purple combo Free People makes a wonderful shirt in just that.

    This Midnight Shirt is currently $128.00 but I think it’s so worth it.

    Let me know if you find some other alternatives to these and I will be happy to include them.
    ~Glitterlady sewing off


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