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    photo by Glitterlady

    Just in from a night with fashion illustration and from this I come baring gifts of fur tidings.

    Step one for making fur in your watercolors: do not outline or draw in the fur with your pencil. Keep it a blank space for but be sure you know where you want the fur and keep in mind how the fur is supposed to lay.

    Step two place your color down for all surrounding fabrics/skin. The jacket fabric was applied to the paper first and swept into the fur area in order to not have a bold line which ruins the effect.

    Step three determine what colors you want your fur to be, in this case I chose a brown fur with red highlights.

    Step four make a light cream color by combining a burnt umber with white, take this and make sure to dap it on a paper towl before applying to the paper. What you want is a nice line with not too much water but enough to make a light mark. Using this light cream color use a small/fine brush to create strokes in the direction the fur would lay. Making tiny strokes to create the underlayer of the fur.

    Note: You may not see much of an effect at this moment, please be patient, this is a layering process that will create depth to your fur. If you are too hasty your fur could look more like feathers instead.

    Step five take a light brown and go over again with thin strokes in the direction of the fur, which most lay pretty flat so unless your fur is purposefully unbrushed and frayed out try to keep the mane undercontrol with nice curved fur lines that look as if they are laying flat and groomed.

    Continue this layering process of adding a slightly darker brown (or what ever color you choose) until you have reached the color of fur you are looking for. This allows for the depth and all of the hairs of fur to become more aparent in the art.

    Note: Fur is a lengthy process to complete, be patient and it will look great!

    My first fur watercolor provided above. Enjoy!

    As for the rest of my class today, I have discovered that there are lots of purples being used for peoples designs, I see a purple world in our future spring/summer fashions. The thought of sun and summer is what will get me through these winter days but until then we have the joy of wearing fashionable coats and layers.

    Glitterlady Sewing off


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